All of our services put your dog’s needs as top priority in a safe and caring environment. We work in a variety of ways, with a variety of tools depending on the needs of you and your pet. Take a peek below at the detailed descriptions of all the services we provide. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please contact us.



Behavior Consulting is our most popular service, which we've been developing and perfecting since we started Dauntless Dog Training. We work closely with each client and their dogs to implement a proven problem solving process. Worried about your busy schedule? We will customize a plan that suits your lifestyle.


$349 FOR 8 WEEKS

Begin your journey to a long lasting partnership with our group courses where you will learn how to build reliability with your dog’s basic commands. Your dog will learn social skills and leash manners in real world situations with real world distractions, from other dogs in the class to cars and people. If your dog is a master of the basics, don’t stop there! Strive for advanced excellence and teach your dog an array of new skills with our Intermediate and Advanced levels.


STARTING AT $150/Session

If your Dog needs help with a specific physical or behavioral issue, Private training with Dauntless Dogs may be a great option for you. Sessions can be done in the comfort of your own home or out in the real world. In this course we cater to your dog’s specific needs for either 6 weeks or 8 weeks.


$199 FOR 6 WEEKS

In this 6 week course you will learn how to build engagement with your puppy, we discuss the fundamentals of training and how to apply training to your everyday life. We also explain and practice how to introduce your puppy to new things and how to start your puppy off right when introducing the leash. This course also has question and answer sessions about potty training, crate training, puppy biting, proper handling and more!


Starting at $2,499

Going out of town? Or maybe we are a little too far to commute? Let your dog stay with one of our trainers for personalized education, tailored to what you and your dog need and want most! Your dog will be integrated into the trainer's home and become part of the pack for a minimum of 2 weeks, learning everything from basic manners to more advanced obedience.

one training collar
one 15 foot leash
Unlimited Follow up sessions



Our trainers are certified AKC Evaluators which means that on top of quality training you can also get your dog certified as a Canine Good Citizen. We offer the chance to take these tests after each of our group classes and as stand alone tests. We offer all levels of the test and the new AKC Trick Dog Certification.



Your dog can do more than just sit and stay, we also offer 4 week trick classes, Nosework Training, intro to canicross, Public Access training and more!



As a top Dog Trainer in Pasadena, we make sure to give our clients and their pets the utmost attention and dedication they deserve. We focus not only on fixing bad behaviour but making training fun for the WHOLE family!

"I just wanted to take a moment to provide an update on our rescue Tilley. I reached out to you guys(Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue) in June asking for help with Tilley because of how she was reacting to our cat, as well as strong reactivity to other dogs. We were fearful that we would not be able to keep her if we could not better the situation. As per your recommendation I reached out to Casey Fenske with Dauntless Dogs and we decided a board and stay program would suit Tilley the best. Fast forward to today. Tilley just came home yesterday after a 3 week stay with Casey and things couldn't be more hopeful. Casey and his group gave Tilley the tools needed for her to work on her high prey drive and how to make the right choices especially when it comes to the cat. While still very fascinated and focused on the cat she makes the right choice most of the time. Casey has given our family and Tilley the best chance for success and we could not be happier so far! I would recommend all adopters to Casey as he absolutely loves dogs and treats all clients like family and same for our beloved dogs. Thank you for recommending him to our family.
Best Regards,
Shawn, Tanya, Landon, and Tilley"


"Dauntless Dogs has been a such a blessing. My dog Allen needed to work on his listening skills when there are distractions present, his anxiety and some other basic commands such as drop it and leave it. I did a ton of research before choosing to work with Dauntless Dogs, and I was a bit apprehensive about the use of a pinch collar but after getting to test the pinch collar on myself and learning that it was not a thing I would have to use forever I went with these very skilled group of trainers because their beginner class provided a higher standard of listening and communication for my dog than other groups I had looked into for a reasonable cost. Now I barely use my pinch collar unless we are working on a new skill. I'm so thankful I went with them because Dauntless Dogs was not only able to help me better communicate with Allen what we wanted from him but it boosted his confidence so much that he has no problem being left alone for short periods of time.Through the Dauntless Dog training classes Allen has learned to critical think and make smart decisions on his own when his anxiety is high, for example when he gets nervous he now goes away from the problem while before he had a tendency to continue to get more anxious and stay in the uncomfortable situation. One of the first things they mentioned was that dogs are similar to children, if you don't teach them how to handle different scenarios they can make poor decisions. Thanks to their help I feel confident that Allen is capable to make smarter decisions, if for some reason he was alone in a new environment. The classes also allowed us to bond, which led me to continue into the intermediate and soon the advanced class. It's been such a pleasure working with the Dauntless Dog staff and pups. I'd definitely recommend them if you are struggling with your dog or just want to teach them some cool tricks."


"When I rescued my American Staffy as a puppy I knew that from day one she needed to be socialized and began training her right away. At only 8 months old we are already at the advanced stages of training, and this is all thanks to Casey! His methods of training are amazing and he makes sure that you, as the owner, have all the right tools to practice at home. He works with you on specific issues that your dog may have and treats every pup like they are his own. I wouldn't trust anyone else with Mila. Would recommend Casey in a heartbeat!"


"Casey has done a wonderful job at helping me to understand my goofy Goldendoodle. He was undisciplined and taking over my house before we started with his classes. Casey is educated in many different techniques to train a dog and continues to learn new ones. This was very important to me and being able to have an individualized program for my dog. Casey not only took all the time needed to train my dog but also to educate me on how to properly interact and help my dog learn. My family is very grateful that we have found him and all the training education he has provided for us. The best part of all my dog loves going to Casey's classes."


"Today, my daughter and son-in-law visited from out of state. They brought their two dogs. My fur baby (Savannah) loved their first dog, but had not met their newest addition. Since my girl can be inconsistent meeting new pooches, I wanted this family introduction to go smoothly. Casey, from DAUNTLESS DOGS came over to help and I couldn't ask for a better outcome. The 3 pups are having a great time and there's no antisocial behaviors. Thanks so much, Casey!!!"


“For almost a year, Lady and I have been under the tutelage of Angela Pressler Lance & more recently Casey. They are both very knowledgeable, informed, and easy to learn from. Not all training and methods work on everyone and they adapt training to maximize performance. They focus on the team, both human and Dog, because most times it's the human that needs the training not the dog smile emoticon:) I would recommend them and Dauntless Dogs without hesitation. I left the previous training facility and vet care clinic because of them.


“My experience with the trainers from Dauntless Dogs has been awesome! I started working with them after I got my puppy, Damon, last year. They are very knowledgable about dogs and their behaviors, and they are always around for questions. They've helped me learn how to train Damon effectively and understand him better, which has completely changed my relationship with him! Now Damon and I go on hikes off leash and I don't have to worry because he stays with me the whole time. If you're looking for a good training program for your pup, this is the one!”


"Our dog has fear aggression and lashes out at people without any warning but Casey and Angie have worked wonders with us and Remy! They were extremely flexible with our schedule over the 8 week training period and we couldn't be anymore thankful for the time and efforts they've placed into helping Remy become a little better everyday.”

"Absolutely wonderful to know that there are professional people willing to help us and work with our dog during training hours and even making themselves available outside of scheduled time. Could not be happier with the improvement we have seen with our pup in such a short time."


"Casey and Angie have helped me a lot with my dogs and I’m forever grateful. I already get stares when I walk around with my pit so fixing his behavioral/social issues with other dogs was definitely needed. My other mix was really bad with other dogs too and he’s doing way better. They’re always there to help. Literally a text/fb message away."


"Dauntless Dogs is the best! Casey and Angela are both super knowledgeable, friendly, and wonderful trainers. They truly care about each and every dog they help train. Even though we were in a group class, they always took the time to listen to individual concerns and help each person/dog with their specific problem areas. On top of that, classes were always FUN! And, even months after completing our classes, I still feel like I could reach out to them with any questions or concerns and they would not hesitate to help. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone and will definitely use them for any future training needs as well!"


"Dauntless does such an amazing job with training. Angela and Casey are professional, caring and dedicated. They go above and beyond because they are truly passionate about these dogs. My dog and I have learned so much. I am a better dog owner because of them and I always have resources that I can turn to if I have any questions or need any help. I would recommend them to absolutely anyone."


"Casey and Angie have done a phenomenal job with my dog, Duchess. They go above and beyond the call of duty even when it serves them no financial gain just because they love animals. When you join Dauntless Dogs you're not just getting a dog trainer, you're getting a whole community of dog owners who love their pets with countless events scheduled to socialize your dog and have a blast at the same time. I've gone hiking, paddle boarding, sled pulling, hung out at the dog park, etc. all through events that were scheduled by Dauntless Dogs at no extra cost. I can't think of one reason why anybody would want to get their dog trained elsewhere."







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