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Day Training


Day Training

Introducing the dynamic world of Day Training – an exceptional choice for those leading fast-paced lives yet seeking nothing but top-tier training for their beloved dogs. With our Day Training, you can seamlessly integrate quality training into your schedule without missing a beat. Simply drop off your furry companion in the morning and joyfully reunite in the evening, leaving the magic in our capable hands. 

Your journey with us commences with a $50 consultation session, where we delve into the nuances of tools, techniques, and your specific expectations. With the groundwork laid, your dog is set to embark on a day of adventure and learning at our  facility.

Throughout the day, your dog becomes part of our extended family, indulging in multiple focused training sessions intertwined with exhilarating play groups. We understand that a holistic approach creates balanced learning, and we ensure every wagging tail gets the best of both worlds.

Day Training Package:
10 Days for $900

This comprehensive package doesn't just end with the training sessions. It comes adorned with three valuable follow-up sessions, ensuring a seamless transition of skills from our facility to your home. And as a bonus, you'll receive a Training Collar – a tool that's poised to enhance your dog's newfound abilities.

For our younger pals under 6 months of age, a small extra fee is applicable to ensure tailored care for their evolving needs.

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