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Group Classes

Customized Learning:

Just like humans, every pup has their unique learning style. Our group classes are thoughtfully designed to cater to various needs, ensuring that every tail-wagger receives personalized attention and support.

Secure & Supportive Atmosphere:

Your pup's well-being is paramount to us. Our classes provide not just training, but also a haven where your furry companion can flourish, surrounded by encouragement and expert guidance.

Diverse Training Techniques:

Our skilled trainers bring a toolkit bursting with training techniques and tools. This flexibility allows us to tailor our methods to suit your pup's specific requirements, whether they're mastering the basics or diving into advanced challenges.

Obedience Classes

Obedience Classes


Cost: $399

Length: 8 weeks

Enrollment Age: 5mo +

Includes: Training Collar, 15' Lead

Embark on a transformative voyage towards a profound partnership in our captivating 8-week course. Prepare to unveil the secrets of crafting unwavering reliability through your dog's fundamental commands. Brace yourself to master the art of sit, stay, down, place, leave it, the elegance of loose leash walking, and the invaluable skill of coming when called.

But that's not all – beyond the commands lies a deeper connection waiting to be nurtured. Discover the enchanting dance of engagement and foster a relationship based on mutual understanding and unbreakable trust.

This class is a sanctuary for dogs yearning for impeccable manners, those grappling with the whirlwind of excitability, the gentle souls with mild to moderate anxiety, and the young stars eager for their first taste of training. Join us to witness a symphony of transformation where every pawstep taken leads to a world where harmony reigns and partnership thrives.

Other Group Classes


Cost: $799

Length: 10 weeks

This course is for dogs that may need a bit more attention. It is specially focused on dogs that have problems being handled, (Nail trims, vet visits, etc.) and have issues with other dogs or people, dogs with reactivity, and high anxiety. We go over all of the basic obedience skills and more, like muzzle conditioning, how to accept handling and impulse control, building confidence, trust in handler and more. This class is limited to five dogs.

Includes: Training Collar, Cot, Do Not Pet Vest, Muzzle.

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