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Group Classes

All of our group classes put your dog’s needs as top priority in a safe and caring environment. We work in a variety of ways, with a variety of tools depending on the needs of you and your pet. Take a peek below at the detailed descriptions of all the services we provide. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please contact us.

Obedience Classes

Obedience Classes


Cost: $399

Length: 8 weeks

Enrollment Age: 5mo +

Begin your journey to a long lasting partnership with this 8 week course where you will learn how to build reliability with your dog’s basic commands. We cover sit, stay, down, place, leave it, loose leash walking and coming when called. You will learn how to build engagement with your dog and a relationship with mutual understanding.

This class is best for dogs that need better manners, have trouble with excitability, mild to moderate anxiety, young dogs that need basic training.

Includes: Training Collar, 15' Lead

Other Group Classes


Cost: $749

Length: 10 weeks

This course is for dogs that may need a bit more attention. It is specially focused on dogs that have problems being handled, (Nail trims, vet visits, etc.) and have issues with other dogs or people, dogs with reactivity, and high anxiety. We go over all of the basic obedience skills and more, like muzzle conditioning, how to accept handling and impulse control, building confidence, trust in handler and more. This class is limited to five dogs.

Includes: Training Collar, Cot, Do Not Pet Vest, Muzzle.

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