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Private Training

If your cherished canine companion is grappling with a specific physical challenge or behavioral puzzle, look no further than the transformative realm of Private Training with Dauntless Dogs. Our personalized training experience is tailor-made to unravel your dog's unique needs and set them on a path to triumph.

chihuahua training

3 Week Program: $540

6 Week Program: $999

Private training is for the dogs and owners that are prepared to put in the work and get everyone involved.  Our private training is customizable based on the issues you’re having with your dogs and the skills you’d like to learn. We will work you through training one step at a time, working on exactly what your dog needs. You will meet once a week or once every other week depending on how you and your dog progress. Some dogs learn faster than others and with the flexibility of our private training we can move at your pace to help you achieve your training goals. 
If you only have one or two goals for training we also have single private sessions available at $180/hour

If you think private training is for you, start off with a consultation with one of our trainers!

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