Meet The Team


Owner/Head Trainer

"I spent two years working as a Trainer at Petsmart, getting my hands on as many dogs as I could, and taking the most difficult ones to help in my free time. I over saw large play groups for those two years, helping anxious and "aggressive" dogs learn how to be social and interact with their own kind.

Over time I became frustrated with the limited tools and knowledge the pet store gave me, caring more about numbers than actually teaching dogs, I started to search for more effective tools and methods, applying them and improving with every dog I trained, until eventually I left to start my own adventure through Dauntless Dogs. I'm still learning to this day, trying to find the most fair and effective ways to help dogs and people navigate the world together!"



"My desire to become a dog trainer stemmed from my ultimate goal of keeping as many dogs out of rescues and shelters as possible.  Knowing that dogs with behavior issues, most of which can be fixed with some basic obedience training, are often given up on, rehomed, or placed in shelters, put me on the path to becoming a solution to the problem. Training dogs became my way of helping keep as many dogs as possible in the homes that they love.  Besides working with my own pack,  I started my training journey mentoring with other trainers, reading and studying everything I could about canine behavior, and then taking a training position at a big box store to get as much practical experience as possible with as many different breeds and types of dogs as I could."


Daycare Supervisor/ Apprentice

"I spent years of begging my parents for every type of animal under the sun. I had rabbits, guinea pigs, fish and finally at 9 got my first dog and have been obsessed with them ever since. While growing up I learn the hard reality that becoming a zookeeper wouldn't be as hands on with animals as I would like so instead I turned my attention to the places where I could. Pet owning as a child turned into pet sitting as a teen to doggy daycare and training as an adult. I have found a lot of joy in running around with dogs during the day and diving into my studies by night. I have a lot to learn and my cats are tired of being my test subjects at home, but it has been an exciting journey and a labor of love."


Daycare Supervisor/ Apprentice

Growing up in a household that almost always had at least two dogs, I took interest at a very young age. When I was a teenager my mother started dog training and we got our first Belgian Malinois and my love for working breeds grew strong. In 2014 I got one of my own, a young Dutch Shepherd that failed out of search and rescue training and she has been my partner in crime ever since. When I was 19, I got a job at a doggie daycare and worked there for 2 years before finding my way to Dauntless Dogs where I started my apprenticeship in the hopes of helping dogs stay in their forever homes.

Meet the Pack

Our pack is instrumental to helping with the training and rehabilitation of many dogs and teaching their owners to become better handlers. We trust their judgement just as much as they trust ours, without them our jobs would be much harder.

Click on the photo to learn more about our pack!

Zeno is a Dutch Shepherd Mix that was Adopted from Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue. He is one of our primary helpers. He is an expert ball boy and excels at helping dogs that normally don't do well in the company of others as well as helping owners become better handlers. He has his CGC title and is training in Agility and Canicross.
Kairi joined the pack as the first small dog. She can be a bit reserved but really shows off the trainability of small dogs with her great personality and strong desire to learn and does a wonderful job helping anxious dogs come out of their shell.
Draco Jose
Draco is our second Pit-mix pack member. He is great at engaging both large and small dogs in appropriate play, and is often the dog we use when big dogs are in need of small dog manners. He is a service dog and excels at his job
Skylar Jane
Skylar is our resident Pit-mix. She is working to break the cycle of breed specific stereotyping and showing the truly kind and helpful nature of this often discriminated against breed. Skylar assists with classes, and helps set boundaries for dogs that need them. She has her CGC title and was a trained mobility assistance dog.
Kipo Bipo
Sammy's partner in crime and Kairi's daughter, Kipo (Kee-po) is well on her way to becoming a demo dog. She can be a bit stubborn and wary of strangers, but her small but fierce attitude goes a long way. She loves hiking and wrestling with other dogs her size.
Kaylan's crazy partner and up and coming demo dog. She failed out of search and rescue training before ending up with Kaylan. She has a lot of energy and a lot of smarts but doesn't usually use them at the same time. She loves playing with other dogs and doing anything that involves food, but sometimes can be a bit much. Through training she has overcome serious crate anxiety.
Atticus is also a Demo dog, but honestly prefers the company of people to other dogs, and is used more to teach owners than their canine counterparts. He is CGC certified, has had public access and mobility assistance training and his favourite classes to help with are the trick and intermediate
Bacon & Eggs
Bacon and Eggs were raised with the pack and as a result they demand to be a part of training. They are the ultimate distraction for our boarding dogs, are used for cat testing our foster dogs and rehabbing students that don't get along with their own cats, but Eggs also enjoys training himself and when the treats come out, Eggs is there. Bacon on the other hand loves to snuggle with anyone willing both dog and human alike.
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